Clavariadelphus ligula

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Mēles dižvālene

Syn.: Clavaria ligula
Cits latviskais nosaukums: Mēles vālene
English name: Strap-shaped Coral
Deutschen Namen: Zungen-Herkuleskeule, Zungen-Keule

Negaršīga un rūgta, zemas kvalitātes ēdama sēne, kas iepriekš jānovāra. Sastopama bieži, lielās grupās

The diameter of this fungus usually is from 5 to 15 mm, and its height usually is from 3 to 10 cm. Spore powder is white. It is common in Latvia. It grows abundantly under spruce, where it forms patches and stripes on coniferous needles from August to October. It is a low-quality edible fungus with bitter taste, it has to be boiled first.


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