Pluteus cervinus

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Briežu jumtene

Syn.: Pluteus atricapillus
English names: Fawn Shield-cap, Deer Shield
Deutsche Name: Rehbrauner Dachpilz

Bieži sastopama sēne, aug uz koksnes (parasti uz mirušas). Ēdama pēc novārīšanas, var sālīt un marinēt. Garšīga, bet cieta.

The diameter of this mushroom usually varies from 4 to 15 cm. Spore powder is salmon-pink. It grows alone or in small groups on the stumps or dead trunks of deciduous or coniferous trees, or on wood chips from May to November. It is very common in Latvia. One can find it even during very dry weather, when other mushrooms do not grow. It is edible and tasty after boiling.


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