Psathyrella candoleana

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Kandola spīgulīte

Syn.: Hypholoma candoleanum
English names: White Brittle-head, Pale Brittlestem
Deutsche Name: Behangener Faserling

Ļoti bieži sastopama nelielu izmēru lapiņsēne, kas aug uz trūdošas lapukoku koksnes vai blakus tai. Ēdama, jānovāra, tomēr ir rūgta.

The size of this mushroom does not exceed 7 cm in diameter. Spore powder is dark purple brown. It grows in clusters or individually on or around stumps or rotten logs, or the fallen branches of deciduous trees from May to October. One can also find it in grassy places, in nutrient-rich soils. It is very common in Latvia. Edible after boiling, quite bitter, however.


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